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Transmasc (he/they)
16 (Sept. 19, 2003)

Social anxiety

★ Interests ★

Things that make me happy!

Special interest
Dormant interest

☆ Media ☆

+ The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

+ Scooby-Doo

+ Where's Waldo

+ The Party (1968)

+ Sid and Marty Krofft

+ Pokemon


+ Oingo Boingo

+ Hanna-Barbera

+ Plastic Bertrand

+ Sonic the Hedgehog

+ U.B. Funkeys

☆ General ☆

+ Movie and TV stuff

+ Bears and skunks

+ Cleancore, lovecore, cottagecore, toycore

+ Video games

+ General mid to late 1900s

+ Those lil dudes on the nerd candy boxes

+ Early 90s Nickelodeon/Nick@Nite

+ Weird 70s kids shows & experimental films

+ Strange/obscure history

+ Board and card games

+ Speculative zoology

Please don't make fun of what I like. Most of these have helped me mentally in some way.

★ BYF ★

+ Mutuals please tag trypo, flies/bugs with supreme compound eyes, insect macros (face esp.), s-wing/s-wing m-chines, and irl smoking

+ I do not like slurs

+ I'm a huge people-pleaser and I say sorry a lot

+ I like talking to people despite my poor social skills

+ I get confused easily

+ I'm very prone to going on hiatuses for uhhhh reasons.

★ DNI ★

+ Alt-right, cringe culture, terf/tehm/swerf, ddlg/abdl/cgl, kink & fetish accounts. The usual.

+ Anti-kin & anti-selfship. I do these for reasons.

+ Fuck off f-joshis

+ I have bad memories with H-t-lia

+ PLEASE don't interact if you're a L-vely P-aches stan or your account is heavily themed around her. She is a huge trigger for me.

+ Don't even look at me if you publicly make nsfw Gilligan's Island or Scooby-Doo* content

+ This one's really petty I know, but I don't like Carmen Sandiego x Waldo. It's fine if you ship it but don't bring it up in convo.

+ Call Maynard G. Krebs heterosexual and I'll beat your ass

Please don't ask why certain things are in my DNI. I usually don't like to discuss specifics.

* HIGHLY depends on context. TL;DR, they're all officially minors. I guess it's okay if it's a specific canon where they're 18+. But please explicitly state that or else I'm gonna Assume.

★ Kins ★
(I only do this for fun :0). Doubles are fine)

Maynard G. Krebs (Dobie Gillis)
Shiny Dragonite (pkmn)
[Mega/] Audino (pkmn)
Iggy Koopa (Mario)
any dragon that's soft and round. all.

★ CC ★

Chatsworth Osborne Jr. (Dobie Gillis)
My boyfriend!!!! I love him so much!!!!!!

Waldo (Where's Waldo)
My other BF!!!!! I love them both equally!!!!!!

Fum (The Lost Saucer)

Mr. Pomfritt (Dobie)

Tremblay (Dobie)

Professor Tinkerputt (b.. barney & friends)

Rufus (The Good Guys)

Toxtricity [low key form], Unfezant, Slowbro, Skuntank, Cinccino (pkmn)